Archives for September 2015

The Silent Channel

A short selection from Dharma Dialogues with Catherine Ingram, recorded in Byron Bay Australia in 2012. ¬†An invitation to tune your awareness to "the silent channel," even when there is static in the … [Read more...]

Natural Attachments

The opening talk of a session of Dharma Dialogues with Catherine Ingram examining the importance of attachment bonding for emotional health and challenging the spiritual taboos and beliefs that … [Read more...]

The Whole of the Holy Life

Catherine's guest lecture at New Thought Spiritual Center on Long Island, NY in 2015 on the importance of finding community in unlikely situations. … [Read more...]

Useless Thought

The opening talk from a longer session of Dharma Dialogues with Catherine Ingram that took place on Maui in 2010. ¬†Includes a discussion about the obsession that can occur in the ending of a … [Read more...]