Getting Through the Night at the End of Days

It is a sad awareness that is becoming the zeitgeist of our time. It is being spoken in scientific, environmental, spiritual, academic, and even governmental circles. We humans may not make it much … [Read more...]

Desire Rules

We are hungry animals. Hungry for food, drink, emotional and physical stimulation, things, experiences, sex, lovers, kids, money, power–there is literally no end to our collective longings. We come … [Read more...]

Choosing Freedom Through Spiritual Life

An interview with Catherine Ingram Jill Kelly, Editor of The Woman's Journal Catherine Ingram says she started asking the big questions of life "as far back as I can remember. I had a miserable … [Read more...]

A Thunderstorm in the Open Sky: On Suffering and Freedom

An Interview with Catherine Ingram by Peter Moore, Quest Journal, 1994 Q: Catherine, you have been leading Dharma Dialogues in several cities in recent years. Can you summarize what you teach? A: … [Read more...]

Stop Pretending

Catherine Ingram Inner Directions Journal, Spring 1997 One day a six-year-old friend said to me, "Pretend you are surrounded by a thousand hungry tigers. What would you do?" I visualized the … [Read more...]

Plunge Into Eternity

An Interview with H.L. Poonjaji by Catherine Ingram published in Yoga Journal 1992 After years of wandering, this contemporary Indian sage is now attracting hundreds of Western seekers to his … [Read more...]

Delving into ‘Dharma Dialogues’

Nancy Haught Oregonian, January 30, 1999 As befits someone with 20 years of Buddhism behind her, Catherine Ingram has few illusions about her job: She teaches people something they already … [Read more...]

The Art of Silent Dialogue

Jonathan Philbin Bowman The Irish Independent, Sunday, June 15, 1997 One evening last week I wandered into Newman House, not really knowing what to expect, if anything. Catherine Ingram was … [Read more...]

Heart to Heart

An interview with Catherine Ingram by Beth Draper Cape Healing Arts, Spring 2006 Since 1992, Catherine Ingram has led Dharma Dialogues, public events of inquiry into the nature of awareness and the … [Read more...]

An Interview with Catherine Ingram

Marjolein Wolf Koorddanser Journal (Amsterdam), October 1998 Catherine Ingram became involved in Buddhism and meditation when she was seventeen years old. Living in Cambridge, she worked as a … [Read more...]